Meet The Community


Formally known as British Honduras, Belize gained their independence in 1981. Belize is shares land boarders with Mexico and Guatemala. Due to its colonial history Belize is the only country in the region that's first language is English. There is also a rich Mayan history in the country which is still apparent today. Belize is home to a variety of geographical features including mountains in the Southern regions, the lowlands in the Northern regions and the coastal areas. 


San Narciso

San Narciso is a village located in the northern Corozal district, and home to our “why”. The central focus of the population is among the school and church, which are centered in the middle of the village. The community is active and bustling with people willing to help one another at any time. San Narciso is home to palm trees and coconuts, chickens, and frozen chocolate covered banana stands. It’s also impoverished, and its inhabitants struggle significantly. By focusing on assisting the school, we help everyone in the community. 

San Narciso R.C. School

San Narciso Roman Catholic school is painted with bright colors and full of joyful children. It educates students from pre-school to Standard 6 (equivalent to 8th grade). The teachers and administrative team work closely to meet their students' needs. They have been kind enough to host LOT25 on numerous occasions, where we have gotten the chance to make irreplaceable memories and give back to the community.